Attend System Orientation

Once your pre-hire process is complete, you will spend your first day
finding out what makes BSWH special.
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What to expect

  • Learn about our history, Mission, Ambition, Values and Strategies
  • Review compliance, safety and security information
  • Get instructions for your employee badge and parking sticker(s)
  • Learn how to access computer systems
  • Hear about benefits and pay information (i.e. direct deposit, Form W-2 and Form W-4)

How to prepare

Orientation is held virtually, every Monday. To participate you will need to: 
  • Ensure you have an internet-connected device: A computer or tablet is highly recommended; however, a smartphone can be used.
  • Find a low distraction area: You are expected to participate in the orientation through interactive tools in the event, but you are not required to be on camera and will remain muted throughout the day.
  • Download the ParticipantGuide: The Participant Guide will be referenced during the orientation. 

Check your email for your personal invitation with more details. Invitations will be sent the week prior to your schedule date.

Interested in getting the COVID-19 vaccine? Click here for more details.

Note: If you have not received your manager's contact information and/or start date details, prior to your scheduled orientation date, please contact PeoplePlace at 877-417-5223.